Better Roads Using AI

Data driven road condition assessments for road maintenance and asset management


Local authorities and maintenance contractors who are trailling RoadMetrics for their road infrastructure maintenance

Manual road assessments are time consuming and inefficient

Manual inspections are tedious. With the RoadMetrics platform, road assessments and asset tracking are automated and objective, improving the efficiency of your road maintenance efforts.

Introducing RoadMetrics. An end-to-end road infrastructure maintenance solution.

Getting started is easy. Simply mount a smartphone and upload road carriageway video data from a survey using the RoadMetrics Data Collection app.

Receive a quick and objective automated assessment of your road network.

Uses of RoadMetrics AI

Allocate Budgets

Calculate detailed road defect information for customisable areas and allocate associated maintenance costs using our web-based platform.

Analytics Based City Planning

With access to road assessment survey history, identify trends and patterns for future development plans.

Prioritise Maintenance

Roads are segmented by their ratings. Export data in csv format for allocating high priority roads for immediate maintenance.

5 Level Road Assessment Rating With PCI

Roads are classified as level 0 as the best condition and classified as level 4 as the worst condition. RM-PCI is based on a scale of 0-10.

High Resolution Imagery

Access high quality image points taken every 10 feet with associated GPS location data and time stamp.

How does RoadMetrics make your everyday life easier?

Savings on road maintenance budget

Saves time

Easy integration

Digital road infrastructure

Helps you calculate road maintenance budget

Track afterwork status

Customised Pricing

Simple, transparent pricing for your needs. Contact us for a free trial.

What we provide




  • Access to our web-GIS platform
  • Condition assessments that identify over 10 types of road pavement defects and over 65 types of road sign and asset information
  • Training and support to upload survey video data using our RoadMetrics Data Collection app
  • Access to all software updates and new classifications
  • Quick road assessment turnaround time of less than 2 weeks

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